• 1) Internet Marketing is a powerful, targeted marketing tool that generates an almost instant response from your targeted markets.
  • 2) Informative E-Cards are a very popular method to get your point across quickly. Imagine your large electronic business card being viewed by thousands of targeted and active individuals.
  • 3) E-Zine Inclusion gives your business a huge profile in our monthly magazine. Our clients enjoy full featured ads in our high traffic on-line magazine!
  • 4) The Community Guide Show features our clients success stories and reaches an audience of interested consumers. This is a tried and true method of increasing your business and making connections to other businesses.


Every business owner has a goal of doing more business and achieving bottom line results. Of course, one way to do this, is to get noticed and your client base.
Unfortunately, traditional TV commercials are expensive, not practical,
and have limited results for small businesses. Traditional TV commercials
for small to medium size businesses just don’t work. Unless it’s the
Super Bowl, viewers flip channels when traditional TV
commercials come on.

We have spent years in developing a new
and powerful marketing strategy. Without breaking the
budget, We enhance bottom line profits.

We use repetition to build success within
a new show format. Our method is similar to the
infomercials we all know so well. You’ve probably
seen John Basedow, “Mr. Six Pack Abs”
and his “Fitness Made Simple” program.
You may even own a George Foreman
Grill, or have seen Bowflex exercise
equipment. With sufficient repetition, it
simply doesn’t matter where or when their infomercial is
broadcast. Repetition of these infomercials is the key to
their success. We use a similar concept airing
repetitively on different days, at different times, picking up different audiences to maximize exposure.

The CGS strategy is a powerful marketing tool-a most cost effective way to increase your exposure.

Your business becomes part of a Community Guide Show!

We will explain all aspects of the program in detail on a follow-up phone call and together well determine the main objective to optimize your exposure with the Community Guide Show.

Our experienced design team will work with you to write eye catching ad copy and graphics.

We create your ads in our studio and add voice overs by top vocal professionals.

We create your segment together; it is fast, easy, cost effective, exciting and fun!

Upon your approval, we will blast your ad to thousands of targeted consumers.

Your segment will be featured on the Community Guide Show website 24/7 for the full run of the show.

The Community Guide Show

Your business is highlighted in the show.

Your segment is viewed as publicity and not paid advertising.

Your content is included as part of the Community Guide Show available on demand 24/7.

…where your business is in the spotlight.