We feature you as the very best business and professionals in your area. We stand behind you and promote your business as one of the best in the community.

A new concept derived from television programming. Unlike a commercial, your business ads are seen 24/7.

Our real world advertising spin on reality T.V.. We target customers in your location, highlighting who you are, what you do and where you are located.


A web presentation about your community, its local businesses and professionals. You are not a random commercial. You are part of our “show”.

An innovative marketing tool for local businesses. The show airs different times on different days, reaching thousands of potential customers.

spotlighttv02Every business owner has a goal of doing more business and achieving bottom line results. Of course, one way to do this, is to get noticed and increase your client base. Unfortunately, traditional TV commercials are expensive, not practical, and have limited results for small businesses.

With hundreds of TV channels, small businesses do not get full value exposure with the traditional TV commercial. Most people flip channels when these commercials come on. Small businesses find it extremely difficult to compete with so many big-name corporations to get exposure. Our exciting new concept is the result of years of experience working with community-based businesses and professionals.

Community Guide Shows are adding a new dimension to how communities interact with their local businesses and professionals. We provide reality advertising for your community. The reality is the community sees your business up close. They get to know who you are, what you do, your specialization, and how to find you. We are the new media solution for community-based businesses to increase their exposure to thousands of potential customers.

We are confident that you will find a Community Guide Show segment is the best way to showcase your business to your community and beyond.